Do you find it hard to know how to start a conversation? Here are proven 10 tips to start off on the right foot:

1. Give a compliment and follow-up with a question (I love your hair. Which salon do you use?)
2. “If you could…what would you…?” (If you could fly to one city, where would you go?)
3. Be funny and original (Pancakes or cupcakes?)
4. Try icebreakers (Where did you grow up?)
5. Find common ground (What’s your favorite movie?)
6. Ask questions about work (How was your day?)
7. Share something fun/interesting about yourself (I grew up with six older sisters. I’m not sure how I managed it.)
8. Ask for information (Do you have a good recipe I can cook?)
9. Mention something pleasant (Have you heard about the concert next week?)
10. Discuss big questions (Do you think true love is possible?)

Now it’s time to put your skills to the test. Go break some ice!

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