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safety tips

how to meet people safely

Don't put too much personal information onto your profile or in your WhosHere chats. If you meet another WhosHere user, meet in in a public place. Get them to send you a pic of themselves in the app. Tell someone you trust what your plans are...better yet have one or two friends go with you. Google the person you are meeting.

how to block or flag users

Go to the user's WhosHere profile and tap the "X" at the bottom of the screen. Select the appropriate block/flag reason and you're done. Please be accurate in the reason you select.

how to use video calling to verify that a person is who s/he says (feature currently available to iOS users only)

Use WhosHere on iOS? Then make sure you are talking to Brad Pitt and not Bred Patt with a video chat. Remember, your phone number and email address are not used when you chat, call or video chat another WhosHere user. Make sure they and there surroundings are as they described themselves.

how to set the accuracy of your location

Go to Setup > My Location > Accuracy of My Location. We default to the second least accurate setting (2 miles or 3.2 km). For most GPS enabled devices, this prevents your GPS from being used and results in a less accurate location of your profile. You can further obscure your location by using the "Within 6 miles (or 9.6 km)" setting. A few times an hour we will randomly move your location up to six miles from where your device reports the location.

how to control who sees your profile

First, fill out you're my Profile page including the age and gender of who you would like to see in the app. If you want to see all adults enter something like 18 - 99. Then tap "Filters" and apply any of the additional "Who Sees Me..." controls.

how to control who can send you pics and call you

For one-time permission go to the user's Profile page and tap the "Unlock" icon and give them access to call you. For long-term permissions:

Go to Settings > Setup > Photos and set accordingly

Go to Settings > Setup > VoIP Voice/Video Calls and set accordingly

texts or pictures you send can be forwarded by the recipient, take care when deciding what to send to others

Be careful what you send. Don't send things like your phone number and address to people you do not trust. And remember all texts and pics can be copied and posted elsewhere! Be careful what you send!

Links to a full list of safety tips at - http://WhosHere.net/SafetyTips