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  1. How do I chat with someone?
  2. How do I set the accuracy of my location?
  3. Can I block another user from seeing me?
  4. How come my account is locked out and what do I do now?

general answers

  1. What information am I sharing?  Is this safe?
    WhosHere is no different that a traditional Proximity Networking site in terms of safety.  You choose exactly what to share and what not to share.     myRete does not have any information about you or your iPhone or iPod touch.  We do not know your cell phone number or your mobile phone account number.  Also, if you want to ensure other WhosHere users do not know exactly where you are you can set the accuracy of your location.
  2. What do I do if I am threatened by another user?
    "Flag" the user for review.  We can retrieve and review the chat messages that were sent between users.  myRete has a zero tolerance policy for threatening behavior.  We will expel any user that threatens another user and will fully cooperate with the authorities.  See our acceptable use policy for more information.  For information on how to Block or Flag a User for review, see our support video.
  3. How much does WhosHere cost?
    WhosHere is free.  It can be installed from the Apple iTunes App store or Google Play.  myRete's long-term plan is to always provide a free version of WhosHere.
  4. Can I have more than one profile?
    You may have only one profile.
  5. Who can contact me?
    Two groups can contact you.  First, other WhosHere users may contact you (assuming you are sharing your profile).  Second, sponsors such as bookstores, coffee houses or bars may share their profiles with you.  The latter category cannot chat or call you.
  6. What phones/platforms/devices are supported?
    At this time myRete supports the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android.
  7. My iPod touch (or iPhone when on WiFi) does not show me in the right location.  What can I do?
    Skyhook controls this.  Go to http://www.skyhookwireless.com/howitworks/submit_ap.php and add their MAC addresses and Lat Long to their database via that form.
  8. I would like to stop using WhosHere.  How can I remove my information?
    First, we are sorry to loose you.  We'd be grateful if you sent us feedback via the app (click Setup > Feedback) on why you are leaving.
    It is quite easy to remove your profile from the system.  Please remove your info from your profile and click Save on the main My Profile screen.  Go to WhosHere > Near and click sign-off.  Within a minute your account will be removed from all results we serve and you will be blank to anyone that you have chatted with in the past.  Then just delete the app from your iPhone.

usage answers

  1. WhosHere is crashing.  What can I do?
    Please refer to this list of tips to help prevent application crashes.
  2. I can't find unread messages.  What should I do?
    These are unread messages from users you can no longer see for a variety of reasons, but most commonly you blocked them or they blocked you.  The only thing that can be done is to purge the message(s) from your account.  Go to Setup > Manage Data > Manage Data > Mark All Read and that will resolve the issue.
  3. Can I filter out various types of users/profiles?
    Yes.  Making your My Profile and Setup tabs cause your results to be specific to what you want.  myRete strongly encourages you to select the age range and gender of "Who I'm Looking For".  This will directly impact who you see and who sees you in WhosHere.   If you only want to see users of one gender, follow these instructions.
  4. How do I setup or edit my profile?
    Launch WhosHere.  Click "My Profile".  Click on "Edit".  Add details about yourself and what you are looking for.  Click "Save" when you are done.
  5. How do I chat with someone?
    Launch WhosHere.  Click "WhosHere" on the bottom left.  Select a profile.  Select the first icon on the top left of the profile page (the one that has a pencil in a box).   That chat screen will now open.  Now click any where in the oval to the left of the send button.  Type away and hit send.  You just sent a chat message.
  6. How do I set the accuracy of my location (so other people don't know precisely where I am)?
    Launch WhosHere.  Click "Setup".  Scroll to the bottom.  Click on "Default" under "Accuracy of My Location" and choose the degree of accuracy you desire.
  7. How do I block another user?
    Launch WhosHere.  On the WhosHere tab, click on the profile of the user you want to block.  Click the "X" button on the top right corner of the profile screen.  That user will no longer be able to see you the next time they launch the WhosHere.  And, you will no longer see that use once you launch WhosHere.  Also, see Blocking & Flagging Users - (v0.96+)
  8. How come my account is locked out and what do I do now?
    The common reason your account would be locked out is that you have been reported by several users for objectionable use of WhosHere.  If your account shows a message that it is canceled then it has been permanently canceled.  If it has been suspended you will see specific instuctions in the app.