Think it’s hard to start a conversation? Try these icebreakers that always work:

  1. “Nice earrings! Where did you buy them?”
  2.  “What is your favorite childhood memory?”
  3. “Oh, did you hear about…”
  4. “That’s a lovely name; do you know what it means?”
  5. “I love music. Who’s your favorite singer?”
  6. “I really like you. Would you like to chat sometime?”
  7. “What was your worst/best day at work/home/college.”
  8. “What’s the one thing you want the most in life?” (Reveals their interests so you can expand the conversation)
  9. “Do you think true love is possible?”
  10. How are you enjoying your time on WhosHere?
  11. You won’t believe what just happened to me…
  12. Coffee or tea? You can only choose

Now you have no more excuses to not send that message. Go break the ice and make a lasting connection.

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